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Top 6 Personalized and Unique Retirement Gift Ideas for Men

Retirement is one of the many important thresholds we all cross in our lives. It’s the sweet reward for the glorious days of long-term professional commitment. Want to find something that’s both appropriate for the occasion and memorable? Read on to explore thoughtful retirement gifts for men so you can find something that suits them.

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1. Apparel

A fresh new cotton tee can be one of the best apparel options for retirement gifts for men.

Clothes are one of the best retirement gifts for men. Be it a t-shirt, or a hoodie, your retiring employee is sure to use it for a long time.

He may even keep it as a sweet memory from his work life. When he wears it in his new chapter, he’ll still feel connected to the company and the memories made there.

SwagMagic has many options in t-shirts and hoodies. You can choose from a variety of designs, fabrics, and colors, putting your branding front and center. You’ll also find environmentally friendly options for eco-warriors companies & recipients.

2. Bottles

A unique bottle that's aesthetically different and easy to carry.

Nowadays bottles come in so many different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs and each serves a different purpose.

So, whether your retiring employee plans to spend the rest of his life in fun and adventure or rest and relaxation, a bottle can be the best retirement gift for men. 

From simple water bottles to insulated, leak-proof beverage bottles, SwagMagic has a stylish range of products. You could either choose the stainless steel H2go Echo thermal bottle that has copper vacuum insulation with a threaded bamboo lid or go with the Rambler 18 OZ Bottle with Hotshot Cap ideal for long outdoor hours. 

3. Beverage Insulator

A unique retirement gift for men can be drink ware, like this beverage insulator with a wooden finish.

Show your retiring employee that you care about him by keeping his beer as chilled as his attitude. Gift him a beverage insulator. That will surely remind him of office parties and his happening work life with every sip he takes. 

SwagMagic’s Frosty Beer 2 Go – FC2G is the perfect beer insulator.

A fashionable beverage insulator, it’s easy to hold. If your retiring employee drinks wine, then you could gift them Vin Blanc Portable Wine Chiller – VPB1. These are portable, lightweight and convenient to use beverage insulators and available in attractive colors. So choose what you think your amazing employee would love to have.

4. Duffle Bags

SwagMagic has some chic and smart-looking duffle bags for your retiring employee. The classy Danville Duffel is extremely durable and has a 35L capacity. Whereas the trendy Keeler Duffel with 23L capacity allows you to customize the handles, shoulder strap and patch. Your retiree can use it for the gym too. Most duffle bags are available with adjustable straps and are water-resistant. 

Duffle bags are as popular as backpacks, especially among travelers. Ideal for shorter or day trips, duffle bags can accommodate all things essential. Indeed, a perfect gift for your hardworking employee, who might like to take vacations more often now that he’s retired.

5. Travel Kit

The best part about a travel kit is that you don’t have to necessarily travel to be able to use it. It can come in handy on so many occasions. Your retiring employee can just keep it travel-ready with some important essentials. Or even use it to store utilities or shaving products too. This is also a great retirement gift for men who are non-travelers. 

SwagMagic has an amazing travel kit option. The Hershel Chapter Travel Kit keeps essentials organized. You can gift it as a set with other travel essentials or just as a separate gift. Either way, your retiring employee is sure to thank you for this gift. 

Also, remember to add some special touches to your gifts, with customizations and personalizations. For example, a special note or a video message.

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Retirement isn’t the end of things, but the beginning of new ones. Opportunity to follow passions that he was unable to, due to responsibilities. Show him that you still believe in him and always will.

6. Retirement Gift Basket

You could even consider custom retirement gift baskets instead of single retirement gifts for men.

Retirement Gift baskets are an ideal choice when you’re buzzing with business gift ideas, or you’re not too sure what your retiring employee likes or plans to do. So, when you can’t choose just a single gift, go for a basket full of them!

A farm fresh gift basket full of fresh toppings, jams, and sauces.

Here’s a list of 5 gift items for men that you can put together in a curated retirement gift basket. 

1. Snack Jar

A healthy snack jar can be a great way to show your retiring employee that you care about them and their health. Reusable snack jars have great utility value. 

2. Tea or Coffee

Almost everyone occasionally loves to sip on some hot tea or coffee. Depending upon your retiring employee’s preference, you can add either one of these to your retirement gifts for men basket. Nowadays, tea and coffee are available in a variety of flavors and packaging. Find one that best matches the personality of your retiring colleague. 

3. USB Wall Charger

A USB wall charger, an easy and convenient retirement gift for a man.

Whether a homebody or an adventurer, your retiring employee is sure to love this unique and thoughtful gift. A USB Wall Charger can charge various devices like cell phones, smartphones and tablets. One like this is also incredibly portable and easy to carry.

With such a useful gift, your retiring employee can stay connected all the time. No need to worry about running out of battery from any devices.

4. Soothing Sound Machine

A sound machine is a thoughtful retirement gift idea for men, as it wishes them wellness and health.

For many retiring employees, relaxation and rest are important parts of their next phase of life.

You could make it a better experience for them with a unique device that will help them sleep better. A Soothing Sound Machine has 30 built-in soundtracks. This is an especially thoughtful gift, as it shows you care about their health and wellness.

Moreover, it has a feature to adjust ambient light. With this, one can create various sound and light combinations for a deeper and more sound sleep. 

5. Custom Notebook

You can customize a beautiful notebook or journal and add it to your gift basket. This is a classic gift idea that is evergreen. A notebook is always highly useful, at any age and time in life. And customization can add to its value. You could not only print your company’s branding on it but even print a goodbye message and the recipient’s name, making it extremely unique. 

With these unique retirement gift ideas for men, your gift basket will become a part of your retiring employee’s professional memorabilia. 

A well-thought-out retirement gift for coworkers will always make your retiring employee feel special. So choose a gift that will remain in his memory for a long time.

But what is a good retirement gift for a man?

We have already discussed good retirement gifts for women.

When looking for good retirement gift ideas for men, it’s crucial that you keep your retiring employee at the center.

Things to consider while selecting a good retirement gift for men are:

  1. How does he plan to spend this next chapter of his life?
  2. Is he moving on to some personal work venture?
  3. Is he going to spend the rest of his life relaxing?
  4. If he has any passions?
  5. Does he plan to pursue any of those hobbies full-time?

Giving these questions a thought might help you understand your retiring employee’s needs and then help you pick an appropriate gift.

Need help customizing the men’s retirement gift?

SwagMagic is happy to help with its Swag Stores and Swag Kits: two easily customizable options that you can choose from. 

The Swag Store allows you to provide a fixed budget to the recipient. They can use that amount to choose a gift of their liking from the branded company swag store. SwagMagic refunds the unused swag amount back to you. So, if your retiring employee doesn’t choose a gift, then the money goes back to the company.

But if that’s not what you want to do, there are Swag Kits for you! Gift all your retiring employees a similar gift bag with SwagMagic’s Swag Kits. 

Check out SwagMagic for exciting swag that can be personalized for your employees and can be ordered in bulk. You can even check out SnackMagic or Superior Dishes for tasty and scrumptious snack gifting. For exciting team-building activities, head to Team Builds.

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