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Unique Office Gifts for Your Team: Best Gifts for Coworker and Work from Home Employees in 2023 – 2024

Ho ho ho, the holiday season is here again, and it’s time to spread Christmas cheer to your work family! Finding presents for coworkers and remote work buddies can be challenging, but have no fear. We have a list of delightful, offbeat gift ideas for your office’s special people – from the coffee-chugging intern to the corner office boss.

Whether you’re looking to wow your work-from-home neighbor or bring a smile to your deskmate, we’ve rounded up an array of creative gifts beyond your average coffee mug or a scented candle. How about a prim potted plant to spruce up their home office, a soothing wireless charger to keep their devices juiced up, or a fun cake plate for their next virtual birthday party? We’ll even tell you where to buy corporate presents that don’t break the bank (shhh – don’t tell accounting).

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So get ready to deck those office cubicles and home workspaces. It’s time to spread holiday cheer and give the best gifts for coworkers in 2023 that will make them smile all year long!

Notebook: Best Gifts for Coworkers

Price: $45.15

A notebook is one of the best gifts for coworkers. As someone searching for useful presents, I want to give something handy. This notebook will help your coworker stay organized on-the-go.

Shinola® SoftCover Journal - Medium

Coffee Mug: Christmas Gift for Coworkers

Price: $25.30

Coffee or tea is an excellent gift to help your coworker stay warm. As gift givers, we love finding gifts that are useful. This coffee mug is one of our favorite office gifts.

White Latte Mug 17oz

Personalized Desk Calendar

Price: $25.30

Personalized office desk name plates make excellent gifts. As the gift giver, I want to give gifts that are unique. This personalized gift will help your coworker feel special.

Wall Calendar (Landscape)

Sticky Note for Home Office Gift Idea

Price: $0.80

Sticky notes are useful for any home or office wall. As someone looking for office gifts, I want to give something practical. Sticky notes are an excellent way to help your coworker stay organized.

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

Post-It® 4" x 3" Full Color Notes- 25 Sheets

Wireless Charger for Work from Home Employees

Price: $90.35

A wireless charger is one of the best gifts for co-workers. As someone searching for gifts, I want to give something modern and convenient. This charger will help your coworker keep their devices powered.

Mophie® 5000 mAh Wireless Power Bank

Office Chair: Unique Gifts for Colleagues

An office chair is a unique gift for colleagues. As the gift giver, I try to find thoughtful presents. This ergonomic chair will help your coworker stay comfortable.

Desk Sign: Birthday Gift for Boss

A desk sign makes a fun birthday gift for a boss. As someone struggling to find presents, I want my gift to bring a smile. This personalized sign will help your boss feel celebrated.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Price: $299.99

A cold brew coffee maker is a delightful gift. As someone looking for office gifts, I want my present to be enjoyed. This coffee maker will help your coworker get their caffeine fix.

Multiserve Coffee Maker image

Curated Swag Gift Box

Curated swag boxes are great for any occasion. As the gift giver, I want to give something special. This box has useful items your coworker will love. Curated swag boxes make great branded gifts. As the gift giver, I want to give promotional items. This customized box has useful items displaying your logo your coworker will appreciate.

Indoor Pot for Office Desk Decor

Price: $43

An indoor plant brings personality to any office desk. As someone searching for decor gifts, I want to give something lively. This plant will help your coworker’s space feel welcoming.

ZZ Plant -Grower image

Ballpoint Pen: Office Gifts for Coworkers

Price: $81.90

Pens are excellent low-cost gifts for coworkers. As the gift giver on a budget, I want something affordable but still useful. These pens will help your coworker write in style.

Hugo Boss Gear Matrix Ballpoint Pen

Desk Accessories: Office Fan

A desk fan is a practical gift to keep cool. As someone struggling to shop for gifts, I want something helpful. This fan will help your coworker stay comfortable at their desk.

Powerclean: Unique Office Gift

An innovative office gift for staff. A portable, battery-powered spray bottle converts table salt and regular tap water into a natural, renewable cleaning solution—like bleach but without toxins. Perfect for cleaning desks, door handles, grocery carts, and more.

Powerclean from SwagMagic that is an example of office gifts

2024 Happy Camper Gift Set with Mug Warmer

An ideal personalized office gifts for employees. This camping essentials kit is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts on the team. It includes a stowaway, campfire mug, penny keyring, notebook, and jotter pen. All are packaged in a soft-touch box with magnetic closure. Outdoor team-building adventure, anyone?

Close shot of a backpacks and a camping gear in the nature
A backpacks and a camping gear in the nature

Crumble Desktop Vacuum: Thank You Gift

A practical office gift idea for your team. A miniature vacuum is perfect for maintaining a clean workplace and any other small space needing a quick cleanup. Its small size makes it easy to store and carry around everywhere.

accu vacuum cleaner
accu vacuum cleaner

Branded Socks

Price: $15.76

A comfortable and relaxed office gift for him and her. These high-quality, US-made embroidered socks perfectly combine comfort with tasteful style. A brand logo can be customized on the cushioned soles for added team spirit. 

Picture of custom socks from SwagMagic - office gifts

Custom Imprinted Round Puzzle

An office gift of entertainment. Unique 500-piece round-shaped puzzle. The full-color imprint can be customized with personal photos, beautiful landscapes, pop culture references, or a group photo you took at the last company party.

Ruckman Roll: White Elephant Gift Idea

This a simple yet elegant office gift idea. Ruckman Roll keeps cords, accessories, and tech necessities rolled up and stowed away in a convenient pack small enough for travel and easy storage—plus, it’s customizable. Fill it with other branded office essentials for a practical gift bundle.

City Backpack: Best Office Gift

Price: $48.30

A perfect office gift for travelers, city dwellers, and commuters. This tactical backpack holds everything from a laptop to all the essentials needed for the day. Featuring a large main compartment, a dedicated laptop compartment, side mesh pockets, and a frontal organization pocket. It offers plenty of space and storage options.

SmushPack™ Packable Backpack

Retreat Duffel for Coworker Christmas Gift

Price: $57.12

The best office gift item that is not only useful but also thoughtful. A handy duffel bag is ideal for team members constantly on the go. Despite its small size, this duffel bag is relatively spacious for carrying essential items that may need to be quickly accessible while on the road.

duffel bag

Funny Office Games Kit

Regarding gifts for office coworkers, there’s nothing more fun than a portable games kit. This customizable gift includes luxe dominoes, dice, and playing cards. Compact enough to bring along on road trips or store on your desk, this kit will surely become a favorite among your coworkers.

Throw Blanket for Office Staff

Price: $41.63

Who says office gifts for men don’t have to be comfy? This cozy throw blanket is perfect for those employees who like to come home and relax to an excellent movie by the fireplace. Its soft, silky texture is hypoallergenic and machine washable. It is also customizable to your brand! 

Picture of pink wrapped present with heart glitter.

Glamping Kit

A luxury office gift idea for the team. Make camping a glamorous experience with this adorable camping essentials kit. Everything you could ever need for a memorable, relaxing camping experience is all easily accessible in a soft-touch gift box with a magnetic enclosure. The kit includes a knapsack, eye mask, key ring, mug, notebook, and a jotter pen.

Collapsible Picnic Basket: Corporate Gift

Price: $62.92

Looking for practical office gift ideas? Encourage your team to enjoy a meal in the great outdoors with this collapsible picnic basket. As an ideal solution for smaller groups, this picnic basket has a heat-sealed PEVA liner and double zippers for quick access to drinks and snacks—not to mention a built-in bottle opener!

Koozie Collapsible Picnic Basket

Picnic Blanket for Office Manager

Price: $102.35

Make any picnic an occasion with this picnic blanket. This handy blanket features comfortable polar fleece with foam padding, PEVA backing, and a front pocket ideal for storing mobile devices or other picnic necessities like utensils. Perfect for taking a break from the cafeteria and enjoying lunch in the great outdoors. 

Elliston Blanket™
a blanket isolated

Personalized Stapler

This is an inexpensive office gift idea for employees and coworkers. Decorate your coworker’s desk with an aesthetically pleasing stapler. Available in 10 impressive colors, this stapler will raise desk standards. Customize it with the company logo or a fun, inspirational quote imprint on the side. Makes for a great eye-catching topper!


Custom Laptop Sleeves Gift for Secret Santa

Price: $29.43

A helpful office gift for techy office workers. Laptop sleeves come in handy to protect computers from everyday wear. These fun laptop sleeves are offered in colored canvas, denim, and over 40 zipper colors for customization. You can also personalize them with a significant imprint on the side.

laptop sleeve

Scented Tumbler Candles

Price: $22.25

As far as home office gifts go, you can never go wrong with a nice scented candle. These 8-ounce tumblers are available in various warm and refreshing scents, ideal for relaxing after a long workday. Customize them with a full-color label and the scrumptious aroma that best evokes your company’s brand.

Handmade scented candle
Handmade scented candle

The Champion BackPack

Price: $68.66

The smart design of this carry-on backpack is the perfect business gift idea for professionals like IT, medical, etc., who are on the go. Spacious enough to hold a laptop and lunch, the large main pocket was designed to hold at least 12 cans. Perfect for carrying essentials to the beach or a nice picnic lunch! 

Champion Backpack

Oasis Handheld Massage Roller Ball

Price: $86.25

A relaxing office gift idea and perfect for those coworkers who like to pamper themselves after work. This handy massage roller would make an ideal and thoughtful office gift. With an ergonomic design to fit in the palm of your hand, simply roll the massager over the muscle for quick and easy relief.

Kneado Handheld Massage Gun

Yoga Mat

Price: $89.47

A perfect office gift for any health and wellness enthusiast on the team. These custom-print yoga mats are lightweight and cushioned for additional comfort and impact prevention. These yoga mats are made with foam material and are easy to maintain.

Pink Yoga Mat
Pink Yoga Mat

Engraved Stackable Silver Necklace

As truly thoughtful gifts for office staff, an elegant piece of jewelry makes for the perfect keepsake. This engraved sterling silver bar necklace with a nickel-free coating is the perfect choice for a special gifting occasion. The necklace comes packed in an eco-friendly black leatherette-covered box for easy wrapping.

Luxury gold toned necklace reflecting in the black surface
Luxury gold toned necklace reflecting in the black surface

Happy Hour Funny Gifts Kit

A funny office gift idea. This practical essentials kit prepares your team for those happy hour evenings over Zoom. The kit includes a pint, shot glass, Stacia, four zinos, a drippy set, and a message card. Everything is in a small, personal-sized cooler!

Rainbow Bagel Breakfast for Holiday Party

Price: $69

Looking for a fuzz-free, fun way to show team appreciation? These New York City rainbow bagels will be the talk of the party! Hand-rolled and shaped to perfection, these rainbow bagels add more with dried cranberries, raisins, and cherries baked right in. Plus, they feature delightful crunches of flavor and plenty of colors! 

Davidovich Rainbow Bagels (10) image

Host with the Most Kit

Talk about unique office gifts for coworkers! This fun kitchen essentials kit will inspire anyone to cook up a storm. The bundle includes an apron, oven mitt, towel, hot pad, and a message card packaged in a Ripstop Piggy Back! 

Dip Trip

As far as funny office gifts go, this tiny dip trip will cause a laugh. As a sauce holder that attaches to the vent of your vehicle, the dip trip makes munching in the car a lot easier. Insert the vent clip into the vent of your car and place your favorite sauce in the holder! 

Portable Hand Fan with Holder for Office Decor

There’s something about tiny fans that makes cooling down a lot more interesting, especially when using them in front of others. More of an essential than just a funny gift option, this handheld portable fan makes for a must-have item during hot summer days. 

Two wrapped packages that are stacked on top of each other.

Swagmagic Makes Office Gifting Unique

Looking for the perfect office gift ideas? SwagMagic has over 2,000 personalized office gifts for teams. Whether it be in the form of customizable employee swag kits or a simple branded stationery kit, you can personalize your gifts to meet brand standards or aesthetics.

An enhanced swag-treat experience for employees, teams, event attendees, and venture partners is available with great features, including global gifting, a treat dashboard, open-link ordering, a treat schedule, and snack sharing.

Visit swagmagic.com for more!

Office Gifting – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Office Gifting?

Office gifting is a way to make employees and clients memorable through personalized and custom professional gifts. Gifting meaningful and practical objects is a good sign of appreciation and recognition of the worth of your team members.

What are office gifts?

Office gifts are any giftable items such as a swag kit, a snack box, or desk accessories given to employees to make them feel appreciated.

What are good office gifts?

Popular office gifts like branded pens and water bottles are excellent office gift ideas.

How to categorize office gifts?

Gender, interests, and themes can also categorize office gifts for team members.

Why office gifts are important and valuable?

The value of office gifts for team members demonstrates gratitude for their hard work and can promote collaboration and mutual appreciation.

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