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Best Gifts For Men in 2024: Custom Swag and Essential Trending Gift Ideas for Him

Hey fellas, it’s time to step up your gift-giving game for the special man in your life! Finding unique, trending, and thoughtful gifts for men can be really challenging. Do you get him another tie? A basic coffee mug? How about, no. This year, put some real swag and personality into your gift by getting him something custom or practical that he’ll actually use (and maybe even show off to his buddies). 

We’ve handpicked some of 2024’s top gift recommendations for boyfriends, dads, brothers, husbands—any important man in your world. From custom sports gear to beer-making kits to the latest gadgets, we’ve got you covered with cool and creative gift ideas that beat boring gift cards hands down. He’ll think you really know him when you give a gift with his name, face, or favorite sports team plastered all over it! Or surprise him with a monthly subscription box full of tasty grilling sauces or funky socks…because who doesn’t love getting mail? One thing’s for sure, this gift guide is way better than that fruitcake Aunt Cheryl gives every year! Let’s start shopping, shall we?

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Self care package, seasonal gift box with zero waste organic cosmetics products for men
Self-care package, seasonal gift box with zero waste organic cosmetics products for men

Trending Corporate Gift and Swag Ideas For Men- Useful tech accessories like wireless earbuds, phone wallets, charging cables, or smart watches make trendy swag gifts that get regular use. Bold cufflinks, money clips, pocket squares, and upscale pens in company colors elevate traditional business gifts with contemporary style.

Alarm Clock

The sleek and modern design of this alarm clock makes it the perfect corporate gift for the stylish businessman. With custom branding on the clock face, this gift will be a daily reminder of your company’s support. He’ll think of your business every time he uses it to start his day.

Bath Robe

Price: $88.00

Help him relax after a stressful work day with an ultra-plush branded bathrobe. Your custom logo embroidered on the chest shows your company prioritizes comfort and self-care for hard-working employees. This stylish, cozy robe is a great gift that demonstrates how much you value his contributions.

Fluffy Bath Robe image

Movie Night Snack Box

Price: $50

Treat a hardworking team that loves movies with custom snack boxes filled with all his favorite soda, candy, chips, and microwave popcorn to enjoy. With your logo on the snack boxes, this corporate gift will make movie night an appreciated weekly morale booster and strengthen brand affinity.

Movie Night – SnackMagic In Person

Pizza Oven – Holiday Gift

Price: $187.49

For the employee who loves hosting and always brings tasty creations to office potlucks, a customized pizza oven is an outside-the-box corporate holiday gift. With your branding displayed prominently, you promote collaboration, creativity, and community every time he uses it to cook for friends and family.

Red High Heat Stone Pizza Oven image

Whiskey Tumbler

Price: $30.80

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

For major clients and VIP guests, gift custom-etched whiskey tumblers displaying your brand and logo. Whenever they take a sip, your company and product will be top of mind. It’s a glass they’ll treasure for years and keep your business relationship smooth.

YETI Rambler 10oz Tumbler w/ Magslider Lid

Cocktail Gift Set

Help new clients mix, mingle, and make deals by gifting a trendy custom cocktail set for home entertaining. Etching your logo on the sleek black accessories makes your business the life of the party. This swag serves your brand every time they have friends over for cocktails.

Paper Airplane Kit

Add a touch of playfulness to the office with a custom paper airplane kit as a fun and unique corporate gift. Employees will bond trying to set flight distance records and enjoy friendly competition. It’s a nice break that brings your team together, strengthening camaraderie and morale.

Water Bottle

Price: $62.70

Keep your team hydrated on the go with sleek branded stainless steel water bottles they can fill up at the office, take to meetings, or use at home and the gym. This eco-friendly, recyclable corporate swag shows how much you value employee health, happiness, and convenience.

CamelBak 20oz Water Bottles

Portable Wireless chargers with company branding

Price: $39.97

For top-performing employees always on the move, these custom wireless phone chargers with your logo laser engraved are hot corporate gifts that make life easier. Whether traveling for business or playing with kids at home, your reliable branded charger helps them stay powered up at all times. It’s the energy they’ll associate with your thoughtful and perfect gift and brand.

Statik 3-in-1 Wireless Charger image

Smart Temperature Control mugs

Price: $292.60

Make sure your top employees’ coffee, tea, or hot cocoa is always the perfect temp with a sleek stainless steel mug with custom wrap-around logo branding. The built-in temperature controls mean no more wasted reheat trips to the kitchen. Your gift makes them more productive

Ember 14oz Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

High-quality backpacks

Price: $62.83

Let your team travel in style with durable, TSA-friendly custom backpacks. Their commute and business trips will be easier with specialized pockets for their devices and necessities. Comfortable straps and breathable backing showcase your exceptional standards.

Port Authority Impact Tech Backpack

Branded Bluetooth Speakers

Price: $108.24

Make company meetings or sales conferences more impactful and rooms sound full of energy by presenting employees with compact portable speakers etched with your logo to project loud, clear sound. Your audio gift symbolizes the power behind your brand and product.

JBL Clip 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Customized leather-bound journals or notebooks with a company name on the cover

Price: $28.55

Recognize stand-out employees or special retirees with a customized leather journal bearing your logo and personal dedication. This classy, engravable gift demonstrates how much their hard work and loyalty have contributed to the company’s success.

5.5" x 8.5" Cactus Leather Bound JournalBook

Desk Organizers’ Best Gift Idea

Price: $280.00

Gift top branch performers monogrammed faux-leather desk organizers to hold important papers in place and keep workspaces neat. Personalization promotes pride and continual productivity you can count on.

Desktop organizer with office supplies
A desktop organizer with office supplies

Executive-style pens

Price: $81.90

Influential clients or VIPs will execute contracts confidently with sleek customized pens worthy of boardrooms. Elegant engraving and perfectly balanced design express steadfast reliability at the highest level – just like your brand.

Executive Pen
Executive Pen

Branded golf accessories

Make sure clients think of your business every time they tee off by gifting logo golf balls and tees they’ll use every game. This fairway corporate swag is the hole-in-one your deals need to stay on course.


Personalized career milestone mementos, such as trophies or plaques

For employee anniversaries or retirements, specialized glass trophies and functional desk clocks engraved with dedications make treasured keepsakes to commemorate careers punctually furthering company goals. They’ll proudly display your gift for years.

Gold winners trophy on a wooden background
Gold winners trophy on a wooden background

Gift cards

No time for holiday shopping? Give clients and staff effortless flexible purchasing power with custom logo gift cards for top national brands that align with your company values and instantly spark recipient smiles.

 gift card
gift card

Gifts For Men’s Birthday- Celebrate his interests with customized sports memorabilia, autographed collectibles, or new gear for his favorite hobbies marked with his name or monogram. Indulge his cravings for grilling, spirits, sweets, or other edible treats with creative gourmet birthday gift baskets and monthly subscription boxes.

A personalized designer money clip

Esteemed guests will stylishly manage cash at conferences, shows, or events with the help of sleek customized money clips laser engraved with the initials you provide. Your functional corporate gift minimizes hassles so they can maximize deals.

designer money clip
designer money clip

A set of high-quality grilling tools or a portable grill for backyard barbecues

Price: $1700

Treat champion sales teams to premium stainless steel grilling sets at annual meetings or as customer giveaways at summer company picnics. Useful spatulas and tongs bearing your logo build warm vibes and loyalty.

16 - Inch Ceramic BBQ and Oven image
Portable electric grill.

A subscription to a monthly delivery service for craft beer, wine, or spirits

Keep your brand on tap by gifting VIP distributors or retailers monthly craft beer or wine subscriptions in a box prominently displaying your logo. Customization and convenience are the perfect pair. Cheers!

beer gift
Beergift bouquet

A fitness tracker or Apple Watch

Price: $199.99

Promote work-life balance and boost wellness for your best employees with popular fitness bands etched with your inspirational logo reminding them daily to stay active and healthy. It tracks their progress so they can perform their best.

fitness tracker
fitness tracker

A high-quality pair of noise-canceling headphones

Price: $240.00

Give frequent flyer employees or those struggling with noisy open office environments comfortable over-ear headphones tuned to silence ambient sound and etched with your logo so they can focus. Your sound gift speaks volumes about how you value concentration.

headphones are a great trending gifts for men

A virtual reality headset or video game console

Price: $642.84

Delight younger staff with the latest video game systems and VR headsets etched with your logo so they can game or experience virtual worlds together after hours, strengthening bonds between teammates. Your recreation gift ups morale.

Video game console
Video game console

A classic board game or card game

Build stronger relationships with clients by gifting custom logo Monopoly or playing card sets for family game nights. Whenever they use your swag gift for screen-free fun, fond feelings for your brand follow.

Carcassonne board game
Carcassonne board game

A high-quality shaving kit Best Gift for Men

Help top executives put their best face forward with deluxe shaving kits complete with a monogrammed travel case, safety razor, badger brush, stands, foam, and after-shave, elevating morning routines. It’s a sophisticated corporate gift that makes your brand their partner in success.

Self care package, seasonal gift box with zero waste organic cosmetics products for men, Sustainable Shaving Kit
Sustainable Shaving Kit

A classic engraved watch, preferably with a classic and timeless design

Recognize stellar service anniversaries by gifting handcrafted watches featuring personalized etched messages and the employee name prominently on high-end watch faces. Sophisticated style punctuates your appreciation. Whenever they check appointments, your timeless corporate gift reminds them their dedication matters.

Engraved bamboo wooden wrist personalized watches with leather straps
Engraved bamboo wooden wrist personalized watches with leather straps

Gifts For Men Who Have Everything- Experiential gifts like sports car test drives, helicopter tours, or tickets to exclusive events cater to men who buy themselves traditional gifts.
Personalized tribute gifts that highlight cherished memories, like a customized trophy, plaque, or photo book, make meaningful surprises for men with full lives.

Essential Oil Diffuser – A Top Pick

Price: $39.99

Reward hardworking wellness champions in the office with custom-branded essential oil diffusers to fill workspaces with calming scents shown to ease stress and lift energy. Your considerate corporate gift helps amplify positivity, productivity, and potential.

Essential Oil Diffuser with Remote Control image

Customized passport holder with initials or name on it

Ensure your adventurous client’s journey in luxury by providing monogrammed leather passport holders keeping important documents easily accessible but safely secured. Your premium corporate gift helps guarantee smooth sailing through airports to wherever lucrative deals take them. Bon voyage!

Engraved Passport Holder
Engraved Passport Holder

Wine Bottle

Gift incentive meeting attendees or retiring leadership members engraved bottles of fine-aged wine denoting extraordinary vintages from memorable years marking celebrated company milestones. Your toast-worthy corporate gift highlights the growth and harmony central to your brand’s enduring flavors.

Box with red wine and gifts
Box with red wine and gifts

A cooking class for cooking lovers or those who want to try new cuisine

Treat your team to a specially catered corporate cooking class guided by expert chefs who’ll provide recipe binders featuring your logo on the cover along with branded aprons and utensils. This palate-pleasing gift creates meaningful memories flavored by your brand.

A chef teaching a cooking class
A chef teaching a cooking class

A custom-made map of his favorite city or travel destination

Special clients will display artful custom maps of places held dear in homes or offices, sparking conversations about your thoughtful brand gift commemorating a beloved locale with artistic style showcasing streets and landmarks etched alongside your logo.

Travel destinations on map
Travel destinations on map

A unique experience like a hot air balloon ride, a scuba diving course, or a helicopter tour

Thrill VIP guests or hard-working marketing team members with once-in-a-lifetime adventure packages featuring your logo on tickets or gear for helicopter tours, hot air balloon rides, or indoor skydiving sessions. Your corporate gift conveys lofty ambition.

Scuba Training

A set of high-end outdoor gear for his next camping or hiking adventure

Equip your company’s adventurous outdoor recreation club for safety and success by gifting customized first aid kits, compass/toolbox combos, blankets, and camping lanterns all durably made and embroidered with your inspirational brand motto. Perfect for team building!

Sleeping bags used to keep warm on camping trips

A hand-crafted or vintage fountain pen

Influential partners will sign contracts and other important documents fluidly with classic fountain pens intricately engraved and lacquered with your brand’s founding year in Roman numerals commemorating the shared history and future ventures alike in perfect ink symmetry.

vintage camera, compass, fountain pen, photo album, paper on map background
vintage camera, compass, fountain pen, photo album, paper on map background

A donation to a charity or a cause he cares about

Make the holiday season brighter by gifting all employees donation cards engraved with your logo denoting funds have been contributed to reputable charities of their choice in their name. Your caring corporate give-back means so much.

Box with clothes for charity
Box with clothes for charity

Branded Gifts For Men-Personalized and logoed items like wallets, briefcases, and flasks make professional yet unique gifts for the business-minded man. Practical travel accessories like branded luggage tags, passport holders, and phone chargers also make useful branded gifts.

Sporty Sneakers or Flip-Flops

Price: $22.20

Reward top-performing regional sales managers with customized sneakers or sandals featuring trendy athletic logos alongside your brand’s motto, offered in their choice of sizes and styles. Your footwear gift conveys appreciation for a job well done.

Flip Flops

Apple AirPods

Price: $312.49

Pamper executives by providing noise-canceling Apple AirPods engraved with inspirational company values so they can tune into calls and presentations without distraction. Your wireless unique gift speaks volumes by helping maximize their productivity.

Apple AirPods Pro - White image

Luxe Espresso Machine

Price: $749.95

Fuel your team with sleek pod espresso makers emblazoned with your logo to brew gourmet beverages right at their desks or in the breakroom. Perfect for perking up long days, your caffeine corporate gift helps energy, focus, and spirits soar.

The Bambino Plus Espresso Machine image

Duffel Bag

Price: $129.14

Equip marketing team members for business trips and trade shows with extra roomy wheeling duffels prominently embroidered with your brand. Monogrammed luggage makes packing a cinch so they represent you perfectly.

Carhartt Foundry Series 20" Duffel


Price: $12.00

Ease employee stress from deadline demands with custom kneading back and neck massagers etched with your slogan and offered during Wellness Week events. This tension-taming corporate gift shows your investment in their health and comfort.

Rolling Body Massager image


Price: $42.90

Encourage offsite tech support specialists to kick back after solving complex issues by sending logo-embroidered hoodies ideal for staying comfy at home and binge-watching shows. Your cozy corporate gift says nice job maintaining systems.

Unisex Premium Hoodie

Sleek Wireless Charging Pads 

Price: $78.54

Simplify gadget charging for your busy sales team by providing custom logo wireless pads for quick topped-off power-ups anytime without tangled wires. Your tech gift helps maximize productivity and minimize frustration.
Auden Bamboo Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Give the Gift of Custom Swag – Effortlessly Shop Branded Kits for All the Men in Your Life

Treat the important men in your life to custom swag they’ll love from SwagMagic this year. Getting started is easy – simply book a call with one of our Swag Experts to explore your gifting needs. We’ll guide you through choosing trending and classic items to create unique branded kits tailored specifically to each recipient. Give the gift of comfort with custom apparel, convenience with personalized tech accessories or drinkware, and style with branded wallets, bags, and more. Make your holiday shopping stress-free while creating memorable unboxing experiences with SwagMagic. Book your consultation now to get expert advice and discounts for first-time shoppers.

Finding the perfect gifts to delight the men in your life just got easier with SwagMagic’s collection of branded merchandise and custom swag kits. Choose from the coolest tech gadgets, most stylish accessories, and incredibly comfortable apparel to design gift packages as unique as each recipient. Bring joy into 2024 by creating an unforgettable branded unboxing experience with SwagMagic’s Swag Store. Consult with a gifting expert today to make holiday shopping and year-round gifting easy, convenient, and affordable this season and beyond. Surprise and delight all the important men in your life with tailor-made swag that shows how much you care.


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