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Best Group Gift Ideas for 2024: Ideas for Team Gifts, Large & Small Groups Gifting and Friend & Family Members

Our gift guides help you find the perfect custom gift set to personalize for any group or occasion. We offer various customizable options so you can create unique and thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list. From personalized gift baskets to custom gift sets, we have everything you need to give the gift that shows you care.

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Personalized Group Gifts, Giveaways, and Promotional Swag: Custom Gift Ideas for All Your Loved Ones

Looking for a great gift for your group or loved ones? Customizing a perfect gift is a great way to show you care. With our collection of personalized promotional items and custom gift sets, you can easily customize the perfect gifts, from mugs to gift baskets and more! It’s a great way to give unique gifts to groups big and small for any occasion. From personalized swag for your next giveaway event to one-of-a-kind presents your friends and family will cherish forever, we have all the tools to help create custom gifts just for your loved ones!

Personalized Gift Set 

A custom gift box with engraved tumblers makes a thoughtful employee appreciation gift or Christmas gift to give your team.


Add names or monograms to insulated tumblers. Best Gift Ideas for family gifts and small gifts.

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

Vagabond Tumbler 20oz

Customized Pen 

Customizing pens with each coworker’s name shows you care about small details.

Swiss Force® Vigor Metal Pen

Bracelet Gift 

Empower the women in your life with motivational bracelets featuring custom charms.

Imitation jewelry, silver bijouterie chain bracelet on white background. White podium.
jewelry, silver bracelet

Coffee Mug with Name Engraved

Colorful mugs with custom photos or quotes make heartfelt virtual gifts.

White Glossy Mug 11oz

Gift Card 

Let your team or family choose their gift card for customized virtual gifts.

Self-Care Gift Box 

Pamper your loved ones with relaxing self-care gift boxes full of treats. Perfect gift for women in your life.

Self-Care Box-tile-image

Diffuser for Stress Relief

Help your coworkers de-stress with engraved essential oil diffusers for their office.

Essential Oil Diffuser with Remote Control image


Custom keychains make fun, personalized holiday or birthday gifts for one gift that fits anyone.

CorkSmart - Custom Keychain Wine & Bottle Opener

Importance of Giving Group Gifts 

Giving group gifts fosters deeper connections, bonding, and unity amongst teams, families, and friends. Putting thought into gifts that apply to the group shows appreciation for people as parts of a meaningful whole.

Group gifts can range from personalized employee presents to themed gift packages for book clubs or families.

However, the most successful group gifts create shared memories, inside jokes, or traditions uniquely representing that cohort.

Even teams working fully remotely can feel camaraderie through opening the same care package together virtually.

Group gifts that allow customization for each recipient, like customized holiday ornaments or personalized candles, make people feel celebrated individually while keeping them anchored to the group sentimentally.

When you gift experiences like tours or events to a team, family, or friend group, they create exciting moments that bring everyone closer together while creating photos and nostalgia for the relational web connecting them.

Ultimately, group gifts nurture relationships when they encapsulate the ethos of togetherness.

Mistakes to Avoid When Sending Group Gifts and Team Gifts

Make Appreciation Personal

Generic group gifts without personalization can seem thoughtless, leaving employees feeling undervalued. Take the time to include notes of gratitude expressing what makes each person integral to the team’s successes.

Seek Inclusive Gift Inspiration

Rather than risk choosing employee gifts in alignment with the diversity of your team, ask staff directly about gift ideas that would resonate across roles, backgrounds, and demographics. Seek broad input first.

Balance Meaningful With Reasonable

Extravagant gifts can unintentionally create discomfort or divisions despite good intentions. Discover budget-conscious gifts packed with heartfelt meaning that employees will cherish without the awkwardness of overspending.

Spotlight All Contributions

Excluding remote staff, part-timers, or any subset of employees during gifting promotes divisiveness when trying to connect teams. Spotlight everyone’s efforts to unify engagement across all contributors.

Communicate Gifting Purpose

Don’t leave the gifting gesture open to confusion or misinterpretation. Proactively communicate your appreciation gifts’ unifying intent and the team victories being celebrated.

What are some unique group gift ideas for a large team?

If you want to give your large team a creative employee appreciation gift, consider customizable holiday gifts like personalized family blankets or virtual friendship gifts like online gift cards that allow employees to choose their best day gifts. Themed gift baskets also make thoughtful group gifts.

How can I organize a group gift for a large remote team?

Getting cute gifts or group gifts organized for 50+ people can be tough! For large remote teams, create a group chat to crowdsource gift ideas. Or you can choose easy-to-distribute virtual thank-you gifts delivered by email. Another option is ordering individualized employee gifts like personalized birthday gifts for work friends.

What are cost-effective group gift ideas for a large company?

For affordable employee gifts, try bulk-ordering cute mugs or hats with the company logo. Or create custom gift boxes with themed treats that tie to company values. No matter the budget, it’s the thought that counts!

Are there eco-friendly group gift ideas for large groups?

Eco-friendly gift ideas like employee self-care packages or donations made in the team’s honor are great green group gift ideas. Bamboo or recycled totes and water bottles also make budget-friendly staff gifts.

Can I personalize group gifts for each team member in a large group?

Even for 100+ people, some gift companies let you customize each person’s gift by adding employee names to products. Or provide instructions for DIY options, like holiday ornaments staffers paint themselves for a personalized, hands-on group gift!


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