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Best Administrative Professionals Day Gifts: Unique Gift Ideas for Administrative Assistants in 2023

Administrative Professionals Day in 2023 will fall on April 26. In some countries, it is celebrated the whole week during the last full week of April.

Administrative Professionals Day gifts are a great way to show this appreciation. Whether you’re looking for gifts for principals at your children’s school or assistants at your office, picking out a unique gift is a beautiful way to show the administrators in your life that their hard work and dedication haven’t gone unnoticed. 

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This holiday was quickly approaching at our office, but since the secretary in our office, Jane, is the one who usually does all of the holiday gift ordering, no one had thought to order her a gift for Administrative Professionals Day. 

So our boss began scrambling to find someone to order the gift for this particular holiday. The administrative assistants were out of the question since they’d also get gifts for this holiday. Everyone from HR was booked with all the new hires, so that’s how Jerry from Marketing got tasked with ordering the gift baskets for Administrative Professionals Day. And let’s say that Jerry will probably never be asked to do any ordering again…

Administrative Professionals high-five

At first, Jerry eagerly accepted the opportunity to do the gift ordering for Administrative Professionals Day. He took this job seriously and sought the best administrative assistant gift ideas.

And we think we know why Jerry was putting so much pressure on himself to find the perfect administrative gifts… 

Apparently, on Administrative Professionals Day last year, our boss brought in a cake for everyone on the administrative team. Well, before the administrators in the office even got to see the cake, someone had accidentally knocked it over while it was in the kitchen. No one ever fessed up to it, but after seeing how stressed out Jerry was getting over ordering the perfect gift for the holiday this year, we figured it had to be because of a guilty conscience. 

So, Jerry started by searching for the best gifts for female admin professionals and found ideas such as

Personalized Employee Appreciation Swag Kit: Best Admin Professionals Day Gift

Personalized Employee Appreciation Swag Kit: Best Admin Professionals Day Gift A personalized swag kit is the best gift because it shows you put thought and effort into celebrating an invaluable team member. Customizing a kit with their name, motivational phrases, and helpful office items like notebooks and tech accessories makes them feel genuinely appreciated. The personal touch beats a generic gift card any day.

Thank You Gift Card

A thank you gift card lets an admin professional pick out precisely what they want or need. Whether it’s an office supply store, coffee shop, or online retailer, a gift card gives them the flexibility to choose while still expressing gratitude for everything they do to keep things running smoothly. A little cash towards a splurge also reminds them their efforts don’t go unnoticed.

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

Personalized Office Gifts and Supplies

Price: $46.64

Customizing office supplies and desktop accessories with an admin’s name or monogram makes for a thoughtful Admin Professionals Day surprise. Personalized notebooks, pen holders, mousepads, and more add a special touch to their workspace while providing functional items they can enjoy daily. And customizing gifts specifically for them shows how much their dedication means to you.

Desktop White Board

Customized Gift Tote Bag

Price: $21.15

A customized gift tote bag adds a fun pop of style while carrying essentials in style. This sound admin day gift idea shows gratitude for all the behind-the-scenes support staff provide to help things run smoothly. It’s a budget-friendly way to help them feel appreciated.

tote bag

Custom Branded Women’s Puffer Jackets

Price: $63.10

A custom-branded women’s puffer jacket is the perfect employee appreciation gift to show your admiration on Administrative Professional Day. The cosy fleece lining and trendy silhouette make this the best gift for an administrative assistant, a stylish way to display your appreciation all year long.

puffer vest

Gift Basket filled with sweet treats

Gift baskets filled with treats make a sweet, indulgent day gift set to show gratitude on Admin Day. This Administrative Assistant appreciation present allows overworked admins to treat themselves and de-stress. It’s a tasty way to celebrate Administrative Professional Day.

Sweet Treats-tile-image

Stylish Pen Holder

Price: $11.00

A personalized pen holder is an essential accessory that makes an appreciative Admin Professional Day gift. With spaces for pens, paper clips, sticky notes, and more, this best employee gift for admins helps keep their workspace organized for efficiency. It’s a helpful way to show extra appreciation.

pen holder with various pens and pencils on purple surface
pen holder with various pens and pencils on a purple surface

Spa Gift Set or Spa Day Voucher

Help your admin relax and recharge with a luxury spa gift set for Administrative Assistant Day. This self-care gift basket allows them to enjoy well-deserved “me time” and is a serene way to celebrate Admin Professional Day. The pampering products are sure to make support staff feel extraordinary.


Administrative Assistant Tumbler

Price: $36.76

An insulated tumbler customized with an inspirational quote or their name makes a daily reminder of appreciation. This unique administrative assistant gift is a functional way to acknowledge Admin Day so that they can enjoy coffee or tea while getting through busy workdays. It’s a thoughtful and best gift for an administrative assistant to show your appreciation.

MiiR® Vacuum Insulated Tumbler - 12 Oz.

Later, Jerry began looking for gifts for male administrative assistants:

Bluetooth Finder 

Price: $18.53

A Bluetooth item finder helps keep essentials from getting misplaced so your office administrative staff can run smoothly. This useful week gift leading up to Administrative Professional’s Day shows appreciation for the behind-the-scenes work assistants do daily.

bluetooth finder

Football Fan Thank You Gift Box

Male football fans will love a gift box packed with snacks to enjoy on game days. This Administrative Assistant’s Day gift idea with team logo pint glasses and pub mix celebrates sports-loving support staff. It’s an appreciative way to toast administrative professionals.

Football Fan Gift Basket

Subscription to a sports magazine

Fuel their fan obsession with a year-long subscription to their favourite sports magazine. This unique administrative assistant gift allows them to get their fix of team stats, player profiles, and insider commentary every month leading up to big games. It’s a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving all year long, reminding your sports-loving admin how much you appreciate their support in keeping things running smoothly.

Subscription to a sports magazine

Custom Mug 

Price: $16.68

A stylish monogrammed mug becomes their new go-to for coffee breaks. This Administrative Professional’s Day present will be a daily reminder of gratitude for the long hours assistants dedicate. It’s a personal gift showing how much their efforts facilitate success.

White Glossy Mug 11oz

Thank You Appreciation Gift Card

Nothing says “thank you”, like an administrative staff appreciation gift card for a nice dinner out. This gift idea rewards their hard work keeping things in order. It also allows assistants to decide what treat they’d like on Administrative Professional’s Day.

After going through idea after idea, Jerry decided that he should get the same gift basket for everyone on the administrative team; that way, there would be no confusion. Since this was Jerry’s first time ordering bulk gifts, he wanted to make things as simple as possible.  

Secretary and Admin Assistants Gift Idea 2023

Jerry decided that expensive gifts for secretaries might be the way to go.

luxury gift basket for professionals

A gift basket full of food, snacks, home decor, apparel, and other luxury items makes an excellent secretary gift for everyone on the administrative team.

Gift baskets are universally loved because they’re so easy to customize for the secretary’s day celebrations!

a luxury gift basket is a great administrative professionals day gift

Inexpensive Gifts For Administrative Professionals Day 

Inspirational desk plaque

An inspirational desk plaque makes an uplifting administrative assistant day gift to their day. The daily motivation and appreciation will remind them how valued they are, especially during the busier last whole week of April surrounding Professional Day.

desk plaque

Personalized phone case

Price: $26.45

Personalized phone accessories like a custom case or pop socket make great administrative professional day gift ideas to brighten their workspace. This affordable gift idea helps showcase their personality while protecting their tech.

iPhone Case
Mobile-phone case

Miniature succulent garden

A miniature succulent garden makes an earthy administrative assistant day gift to help purify office air. This unique living gift idea can decorate their workspace with natural beauty to help soothe work stress. It’s an inexpensive way to show appreciation.

Miniature succulent garden
Miniature succulent garden

Desktop game or puzzle

Price: $26.50

Games and puzzles keep the mind engaged during quick breaks. These administrative professional week gift ideas allow assistants to unwind between tasks, relieving work pressure. It’s a fun, affordable way to make their day more enjoyable.

Wooden Puzzle
Wooden Puzzle

Goodie bag

Goodie bags filled with sweet snacks and useful office supplies make thoughtful admin gifts perfect for assistant appreciation day. The assortment of fun treats helps show gratitude for everything they do to keep things running efficiently.

Goodie bag

Card Holder

Sleek metal business gift card holders help organize their connections while clearing desktop clutter. This handy admin assistant day idea offers them stylish and practical assistance—a useful symbol of the support they selflessly provide.

Scented Candles

Price: $22.25

Scented candles or essential oils make thoughtful gifts to help create a more zen office space perfect for the often hectic Administrative Professional’s Day week. They’ll appreciate these affordable relaxation gifts.

Custom 8 oz. Scented Tumbler Candle in a Cardboard Gift Box

Essential Oil Diffuser

Price: $49.99

An essential oil diffuser along with a calming or energizing blend makes a thoughtful admin gift to help them decompress from stressful workdays. Around the busy administrative professionals’ day week, the gentle aroma of lavender or peppermint oil will provide a relaxing oasis right on their desk. 

Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser image

If you want to get inexpensive gifts for administrative professional’s day, you can still do gift baskets for the team. Goodie bags full of snacks and other fun items make a great gift because they’re customizable but won’t break the budget. You can even include a thank you note for an admin gift to let your admin know how much you appreciate them. 

Just don’t make the same mistake that Jerry made while ordering your gift baskets for administration… 

two people exchange a present

Administrator Thank You Gift Ideas 

Tech gadgets

Tech gadgets like wireless earbuds make great gifts for overscheduled administrators to help streamline busy workdays. Treat them to the latest headphones to take calls on the go between meetings. It’s a useful gift to show appreciation on Administrative Professionals Day for all their planning efforts.

Tech Gadgets
Overhead Flat Lay Shot Of Wireless Digital Technology Gadgets

Desk plant

Price: $74.00

A stylish desk plant like a bonsai tree can lend a touch of nature and fresh oxygen to brighten up their office space. This living gift symbolizes the growth an administrator facilitates across the organization. It also represents sustainability amidst shifting priorities and serves as a thank-you for the grounding presence it provides.

desk plant
desk plant

Customized planner

Price: $45.19

A customized planner with a name or motivational quote makes time management a breeze. Help get their year off to an organized start thanks to the coordination they handle across departments. It’s a thoughtful Admin Professional Day gift reflecting the scheduling expertise they continually provide.

Planner and personalized pen
Planner and personalized pen

Professional development book

Treat accomplished administrators to the latest professional development book like a bestselling leadership title. Support their continuous growth just as they spur progress across all levels of leadership. It makes for a useful year-round gift demonstrating how much their mentorship means.

Learn English. Books and textbooks for English studying.
Learn English. Books and textbooks for English studying

Appreciation Day Gift basket

An Administrative Professionals Week gift basket filled with indulgent snacks, relaxation products, and office essentials creates a unique way to show employee appreciation on their special day. Goodies customized to their interests combined with practical items prove care for the individual within their professional role.

gift basket
Customized gift basket

Once Jerry had finally settled on gift baskets for his administrator gift ideas. He went to order the administrator gifts. We have 10 people on the office’s administration team. But when Jerry went to put in the order, he accidentally ordered 100 instead of 10. I guess there was a smudge on the paper, and he read 100 gifts instead of 10. We’re not sure how he didn’t catch that, given that we barely have 100 people in our office. 

So when the gift baskets came, we were shocked that Jerry had mistakenly ordered an entire truckload! Our boss started talking about how we’d have to repurpose the gift baskets as holiday gifts for administrative assistants, Christmas gifts for administrators, and even birthday gifts for assistants.

The only problem was that there was nowhere to store all of these extra gift baskets…

Last Minute Administrative Professionals Day Gifts 

A Gourmet Cake from Superior Dishes

Even if Administrative Professionals Day sneaks up on you, you can still show your appreciation for your invaluable assistant with a delectable treat from Superior Dishes. Their beautifully decorated, freshly baked specialty cakes make for a thoughtful last minute gift. Despite your rushed preparation, your assistant will feel pampered and acknowledged with an ornate cake on the big day. Superior Dishes offers speedy local delivery in gorgeous packaging, handling the details so you can personalize a card. A gourmet cake is an elegant, easy crowd-pleaser sure to delight. 

Cherry cake
Cherry cake

Gift baskets made great last-minute Administrative Professionals Day gifts; the only issue was that Jerry had ordered too many. So if you plan on ordering gift baskets as your gift ideas for IT professionals, executive assistants, or office admin, be sure that you don’t order…

…Otherwise, you’ll end up like Jerry – whose office has been converted into a storage space for all the extra gift baskets. He now does most of his work in the office kitchen, trying his best not to knock over any cakes brought in for special holidays. 

Spoil Your Support Staff This Admin Day: Unique Admin Gift Ideas They’ll Love by SwagMagic

Show your support staff some appreciation! Administrative Professional Day is coming up – book a consultation with our gifting experts to create personalized gifts for your team. We make employee recognition simple with our curated gift boxes filled with presents to make administrative staff feel genuinely valued.

With SwagMagic’s gifting service, ordering unique Admin Professional Day gifts for your assistants, secretaries, and office managers is easy. Tap into our catalogue of best gifts fit for any support pro. Add a handwritten thank you note for a personal touch. Customizing and delivering gifts globally taken care of!

Make your admins feel noticed this Admin Day. Book in 30 minutes to get gift ideas flowing and take your employee recognition to the next level with our Swag Store!

Administrative professionals are the backbone of any successful company. Express your gratitude by gifting thoughtfully curated gift boxes on Admin Professional Day. Our gifting service makes ordering customized gifts for your support staff simple, fast and affordable. Celebrate your hardworking admins this year – schedule a consultation with our team to prepare unique employee appreciation gifts to make your staff smile!

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