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What SwagMagic Offers!


Swag Stores

Create a store, and fill with swag. 

Recipients visit the store and purchase their favorite items with their personal credit cards.

You can set price margins or percentages on each swag item that contributes funds to your cause.

All the swag products can be purchased on demand or pre-purchased and stored in our hubs for future use.

Swag Kits

Explore our catalog with more than 2000+ items, and curate a kit.

Provide donor’s physical or email address.

Charge your donors a set price and the difference goes to your cause.

You aid the cause, they enjoy the feel-good swag, we handle the rest, and the world's better for it!

Simplified Pricing

Our fulfillment fee of $25 comes with no complications or hidden charges.


The recipients provides their own address, preferences, and sizes. The organizer doesn't have to spend time collecting data.

Swag Catalog

The organizer can choose from 2000+ swag items for their kit/store.

Snacks as an Add-on

You have an option to add snacks to your swag order while you go through the ordering process.

Treats Dashboard

You can access the live inventory to check the all the details related to your order!

Free Storage

Once you buy the swag, we store them for you free of cost.