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Risk-Free Gifting

Unlike a gift card, you only pay for swag that gets redeemed, so your money never goes to waste. (Though who wouldn’t pounce on free swag? No one we know.)

How it works


Send your swag to one or many—set an expiration date as a deadline for your order


Swag not redeemed go back to your Swag Account (or to your original method of payment. Fees apply.)


Use the credit to gift someone else or spend it on yourself with your stipend!


Need gifting inspiration? We're magical for these cases

Work From Home Perks

If your WFH or work from anywhere employees don’t redeem, save the credit for the next round

Sales Prospecting

Send to as many recipients as you want, and only pay for those that redeem and become leads

Virtual Events

Don’t pay extra if you end up getting less attendees than expected

Send a risk-free treat to your team, clients, and pals

Or create a store!