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Hanukkah Gifting Guide for Everyone

We had a new Employee Outreach manager, and he loved celebrations. We were planning Hanukkah gifts for our employees when he happily announced that we would be celebrating every national day to exist. This included everything from National Hot Dog Day to National Ice Cream Day. 

Sign for Hanukkah Gifts

Since the invention of the internet and social media, there was literally a special day for everything that existed. Needless to say, this announcement stressed our small planning team to the max.

We tried to focus on the following unique gift ideas for Hanukkah:

  1. Menorah: A traditional Hanukkah candle holder
  2. Dreidel: A spinning top to play
  3. Gelt: Small chocolate coins
  4. Books: Books about Hanukkah, Jewish history, and culture
  5. Gift Card: A coupon from a Jewish store

But there was so much to consider which created a lot of confusion among us. 

Would we be expected to have gifts and prizes on hand daily to celebrate all the actual holidays and the ones the internet made up? We had no idea; it wasn’t long before we knew the truth. Our new manager stated that while gifts weren’t necessary, we would have to plan games and activities. Therefore it would be good to have some prizes consistently stocked. 

Our team had never been happier to have access to our SwagMagic store, where we could stock whatever we wanted and place orders of any size. This meant we could order the best Hanukkah gifts and thanksgiving presents for all those who celebrated and always have access to the smaller prizes we would need for our new holiday policy. 

Our unique Hanukkah gifts were on the way, and we were making a list of all the ridiculous holidays we now had to celebrate. It would be a lie to say that we weren’t complaining because we definitely were. We didn’t understand how to make this happen, especially on top of our typical responsibilities. 

Kelly got so stressed out looking at the list of holidays that she started crying right in the middle of our meeting. Even with SwagMagic on our side, we had a lot of work to do! 

Hanukkah gifts on a table

Celebrate 8 Nights of Hanukkah

The celebration of the 8 Nights of Hanukkah is a delightful custom that includes kindling the menorah, reciting meaningful prayers, and relishing festive feasts with loved ones.

We wanted to know how our employees planned to celebrate the 8 Nights of Hanukkah. So we had them fill out email forms to understand better what we might need for traditional Hanukkah gifts. At the same time, we were compiling a list of games that would apply to every holiday, so we wouldn’t have to adhere to hundreds of different themes. 

People in the office began sending back their eight gifts of Hanukkah answers. We were thrilled to finally have a good idea of what to purchase. We even got some Hanukkah food gifts from SnackMagic that would work perfectly for our office party. Everything was coming together, at least from a Hanukkah perspective. 

When it came to all the other office holidays, not so much. We decided to call another meeting with our new management member to discuss the request for celebrations for every holiday. Word had gotten around the office, and even the virtual employees were starting to complain. It was time to take action, even if it upset the Employee Outreach team. 

We could not celebrate insignificant holidays, even with Snack and SwagMagic backing us up.  

Corporate Gifts to Celebrate Hanukkah

  1. Hanukkah Gift Baskets: A Hanukkah gift basket loaded with traditional Jewish foods such as challah bread, rugelach, and babka can make a great gift for employees or clients.
  2. Menorahs and Dreidels: Personalize them with your company’s logo or message, making them a unique and meaningful gift.
  3. Customized Hanukkah Swag: Customized Hanukkah gifts such as candles, mugs, or t-shirts with your company’s logo or a Hanukkah-themed design.
  4. Charity Donations: Support the Jewish community and businesses

Unfortunately, our new manager had a different point of view than our planning team. He stuck to his plan for every holiday, even if there were more than one that fell on one day. On top of that, he requested corporate Hanukkah gifts and to look into Hanukkah gifts for the boss. 

Jackie had had enough, especially when Kelly burst into tears again. She stated that she would gladly purchase a Hanukkah gift for employees, There was no way she would celebrate every holiday in the office. She picked up the Hanukkah gift baskets she’d put together for us to see and left. 

Hanukkah Gifts for Adults

  1. Hanukkah-themed Clothing.
  2. Custom Made Hanukkah Jewelry
  3. Engraved Wine Glasses
  4. Jewish Cookbooks
  5. Hanukkah-themed Home Decor

Our Hanukkah gift bags were together, and we’d constructed unique Hanukkah gifts for adults. Our bags included Hanukkah gift cards, and SnackMagic gave us gourmet Hanukkah gifts. We hadn’t seen Jackie since she stormed out of the office, but corporate announced that we only had to celebrate major holidays, and all others would be left to a vote. 

Our new manager was visibly upset at being outvoted, but what could we do? We didn’t have the money or the committee to plan that many holidays!

Hanukkah cookie with child

Hanukkah Themed Gifts for Kids

  1. Crafts and Kits
  2. Games and Puzzles
  3. Toys
  4. Coloring Books
  5. Stickers and Tattoos

Since many people in the office had kids, we put together a few funny Hanukkah gifts and a Hanukkah gift box for each. We could easily track down Hanukkah gifts for kids and order them quickly because we no longer had an endless list of holidays to plan parties for. 

The only downside was that we would have significantly fewer parties. But we would go out of our way to make the “real” holidays bigger and better than ever! SwagMagic and SnackMagic helped us every step of the way. As always, we were grateful to have them on our side. After a few days off to decompress, Jackie finally returned to the office. 

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