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Personalized Back-to-School Gifts Guide for the New School Year 2024

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It’s hard to believe, but summer is coming to an end and it’s almost time for kids to head back to school. While this transition can be bittersweet, one way to get everyone excited is with fun back to school gifts! As a corporate gifting solution expert, I’ve rounded up some great ideas to celebrate the new school year that are sure to put smiles on students’ and teachers’ faces. From personalized notebooks and cool tech accessories to practical classroom supplies and festive decorations, these great back-to-school gift ideas are great for fostering connections with your community. Teachers, students, and parents will never have to worry and feel the love with your thoughtful gifts welcoming them to another year of learning and growth. In this blog post, I’ll share creative ways your company can provide the best back-to-school gifts that make a meaningful impact. Let’s start the year off on the right foot by showing your support for education with these cool corporate gifting solutions!

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Cute School Supplies: A Thoughtful Back to School Gift Idea

Price: $10.99

POINT 88 Pen Set - 8 piece image

A thoughtful gift idea for students is a set of cute school supplies like pencils, erasers, and notebooks. The bright colors and fun designs will make schoolwork a little more enjoyable.

Sketch Pens and Crayons: Perfect Back to School Gifts for Students

Price: $47.97

Crayola Imagination Art Case image

Sketch pens and crayons are perfect back to school gifts for creative students in your life. They can sketch, color, and bring their notes and doodles to life with these versatile art supplies. Great for personalizing notebooks or just having fun.

Snack Box: First Day of School Treat

Price: $50

Ultimate Snack Mix-tile-image

Treat your student to a snack box filled with tasty after-school treats to give them a boost on the first day back. It’s a gift they can share with friends too.

Personalized Bookmarks

 Bookmarks customized with their name or initials make studying more personal. It’s an inexpensive and practical gift students can use to mark their place in textbooks all year long.

Lunch Box

Price: $150.00

Leo Lunch Set with Water Bottle Flatware and Bento Box - (Grey and Green) image

Make lunch breaks more enjoyable with an insulated lunch box in their favorite color or pattern. It keeps food fresh and makes transporting meals a breeze. An easy way to upgrade their cafeteria experience.

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way

Watercolor Travel Set

Price: $47

Alcohol Ink Painting Kit image

For artistic kids, a watercolor set offers a colorful, creative outlet for painting miniature masterpieces anywhere. It’s an amazing medium for self-expression and exploring their potential as young artists.

Backpack: Make Commuting Easy

Price: $29.28

Merchant & Craft Ashton 15" Computer Backpack

A comfortable, spacious backpack eases the commute to school considerably. Padded straps prevent sore shoulders and plenty of pockets keep essentials organized. This backpack is durable as it comes with water and sweat resistance. Choose one big enough to carry books, devices, and more with carefree ease.

Alarm Clock with Bluetooth

Price: $85.70

Bedside Sleep Therapy Machine image

An alarm clock with Bluetooth wakes them gently to all their favorite songs. Connect to speakers to dance their way into each school day. It makes starting the morning enjoyable rather than unpleasant.

Personalized Notebook with Pencil Box

Price: $9.60

Do What You Love - Stitched Notebook image

Notebooks featuring their name and a built-in pencil case keep all their gear in one spot. Great for organizing physical notes by class and never losing a pen again! It’s a thoughtful and easiest way to inspire neat schoolwork.

Detachable Pencil Holder

This genius pencil holder conveniently clips onto any notebook, planner, or textbook to keep pens, highlighters, and other stationery right at their fingertips. Wherever they go, their supplies go too!

Keychain: An Inexpensive Way to Start the New School Journey

An inexpensive keychain customized with their initials or name serves as a memento marking the start of an exciting new school journey. Clip it to their backpack zipper as a sweet personalized charm.

Customizable Bracelet

Price: $125

Constella bracelet image

Let them show off their unique style with a trendy, customizable bracelet. Add birthstones, initials, fun charms, and more to perfectly match their personality. It’s a wearable way to celebrate going back to school.

Reusable and Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

Price: $21.74

Tritan Clear Water Bottle 25oz

An eco-friendly reusable water bottle means hydration on the go, less plastic waste, and a stylish accessory to boot. Add stickers and fun touches to personalize it. It’s incredibly useful for new students focused on sustainability.


Price: $249.99

Lily Smartwatch Sport Edition - (Cream GoldWhite) image

Keep connected with a versatile smartwatch to view notifications, track health stats, set reminders, play music, and more – all from their wrist. It’s like a wearable organizer to stay on top of busy school life. Great gift for older students juggling activities as during a long day at school it’s easier with a good battery life.

ANC Wireless Earbuds

Price: $99.99

Wireless In-Ear Earbuds with Charging Case - (Black) image

Treat them to wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation for zoning into homework wherever they are. The comfy in-ear design blocks out external noise for focus. Perfect sound quality for commute study sessions or relaxation between classes.

Sweet Treats and Cookies

Price: $52

Assorted Cookie Box image

Celebrate the first day back with a tower of delicious cookies or a hamper of sweet goodies to share with the whole class! Bring smiles to students and teachers alike while making a positive first impression.

Apple AirPods

Price: $312.49

Apple AirPods Pro - White image

Let them wirelessly rock to their favorite study playlists with a good pair of noise-canceling earbuds like Apple’s AirPods. The effortless Bluetooth connectivity and rich sound quality make listening seamless. A fun tech gift to amp up school days.


Price: $25.30

Organic Kids Crewneck T-shirt

Sporting a bold graphic nylon t-shirt on the first day establishes their personal style from day one. Choose one showcasing a fandom, funny slogan, or positive message to help them stand out with confidence.

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