Take your swag worldwide

Distribute your swag globally to 150+ countries without any customs delays.

Shipping Options

Ship from US

  • Ship swag from the US to your global recipients
  • Free delivery to your recipients globally

Locally Fulfilled

  • Global on-demand menu items are designed in the same country as your recipient
  • Saves on shipping costs from the US
  • Avoids customs delays

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No Minimum Orders

A large on-demand selection means you don’t have to pre-buy anything.

Swag Giver Guarantee

Only pay for redeemed swag, so your money never goes to waste.

Flat Fee - No Hidden Fee

A one-time payment with no additional or hidden charges.

Look no further—our swag travels far

We’ll deliver your swag anywhere in the world. We work with local partners to minimize shipping times and hefty fees. 

Before SwagMagic

  • Not knowing what and how to gift
  • Figuring out the logistics
  • Constantly running out of stock
  • Losing track of inventory
  • Packaging & shipping complications
  • Unforeseen expenses

After SwagMagic

  • Swag consultations
  • Gifting options to choose from
  • Design, packaging, shipping taken care of
  • Exclusive lockers and live inventory tracking
  • Hassle-free execution
  • No hidden charges

Power of Choice

With an on-demand store, your recipients choose their swag and sizes.

Curated Experience

Shop our catalog and curate the perfect box of swag to send to recipients.