Global swag fulfillment, shipping & distribution services

Send your swag globally to 170+ countries with ease!

Take your swag worldwide

Our mighty global fulfillment centers mean we’re ready to print and distribute your swag whenever. You’ll only be charged a fulfillment fee for domestic swag.

Send out-of-this-world swag that’s also kind to the Earth! We choose local vendors and producers, reducing the carbon emissions caused by shipping and transportation.

Don’t let distance get in the way of swag—all we need are email addresses to gather sizes and addresses.

Global recipients receive the same swag

Though far away, your global recipients get to revel in the same experience (and swag) as US recipients. We handle the logistics and can ship to 170+ countries.

More reasons to love us

From a single dashboard to an extensive catalog, our swag solution is optimized for a seamless swag experience.

100+ high quality items

Choose from brands such as Adidas, Columbia,
and other coveted brands.

World class design team

Our experienced designers are ready to
beautify your swag. There are no charges for design edits.

Single Dashboard

View your store status and all of your orders in
one place.

White-labeled and customizable

Add banners and your logo for a branded touch.

Simple Pricing




+ $100/ recipient (for kits up to $100 value or less)

See how we’ve worked our magic