Corporate Gifts Under $100

Explore an extensive selection of premium corporate gifts under $100. Enjoy bulk-purchasing options at unbeatable prices, with full customization to feature your company logo. Take advantage of our global shipping and fulfillment services for seamless delivery worldwide.

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From elevating corporate celebrations with bespoke corporate gift sets to customizing a corporate gift store for brand promotion, our corporate gifts are as multifaceted as they are noteworthy.

Employee Recognition

Custom corporate gifts for employee appreciation.

Client Gifting

Show gratitude and thanks clients with luxury corporate gifts.


Corporate giveaways for a cause. Create a corporate gift store with custom pricing to raise funds.

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Send a corporate gift that's most loved by the recipients. We work with local corporate gifting partners to minimize shipping time and charges.

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Personalized Corporate Gifting!

Personalized Corporate Gifting!

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Create your corporate gift store and choose corporate gifts under $100 from 10000+ catalog items. See how it works.

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Benefits of Corporate Gifts Under $100

Cost Efficiency: Allocating a budget under $100 for corporate gifts allows businesses to express gratitude and effectively foster relationships without financial strain. This approach facilitates regular gifting opportunities across a variety of contexts.

Employee Morale Enhancement: Strategic gifting can significantly uplift employee morale by recognizing and appreciating their contributions and fostering a positive and motivating work environment.

Customer Loyalty and Retention: Thoughtfully chosen gifts can strengthen client relationships and encourage repeat business. These tangible tokens of appreciation reinforce customer loyalty and brand affinity.

Brand Promotion and Visibility: Customized gifts within this budget range, such as branded merchandise or practical items, can significantly enhance brand visibility. When recipients use these items regularly, they continually remind them of your brand.

Team Cohesion and Spirit: Sharing gifts among team members can cultivate a sense of camaraderie and teamwork, contributing to a cohesive and collaborative workplace culture.

Personalized Recognition: Even with a budget under $100, personalized gifts can demonstrate significant thoughtfulness, showing an understanding of individual preferences and interests. This personal touch can enhance the impact of the gift.

Alignment with Corporate Values: Gifts can be selected to reflect and promote the company’s core values, such as sustainability through eco-friendly products or innovation through the latest tech gadgets. This reinforces the company’s ethos and mission.

Commemorating Milestones: Corporate gifts provide a meaningful way to celebrate milestones, such as work anniversaries, project completions, or achieving targets. These tangible tokens help mark significant occasions and achievements, enhancing employee satisfaction and engagement.

High-Quality Corporate Gift Ideas Under $100

  • Premium Leather Notebooks: Luxurious and durable, ideal for executive meetings and personal use.
  • High-End Stainless Steel Water Bottles: These insulated bottles keep beverages hot or cold for hours, promoting both style and sustainability.
  • Wireless Charging Stations: Convenient and efficient charging solutions for multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Custom-Branded Executive Pens: Sophisticated writing instruments that combine elegance with functionality.
  • Portable Projectors: Compact devices perfect for presentations on the go or personal entertainment.
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones: Enhance focus and productivity by minimizing distractions in the workplace.
  • Smart Home Assistants: Voice-activated devices that assist with daily tasks, from setting reminders to controlling smart home features.
  • Elegant Desk Clocks: Stylish timepieces that add a touch of class to any office setting.
  • Fitness Trackers: Promote health and wellness among employees with devices that monitor activity, heart rate, and sleep patterns.
  • Custom-Branded Backpacks: High-quality, stylish backpacks perfect for commuting or travel, featuring the company logo.


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