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Best Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Employees and Clients in 2024

Exchanging Christmas gifts
Exchanging Christmas gifts

Gobble gobble! The turkey’s in the oven and cranberries are canned—it’s time to show employees and clients some thanks with fun Thanksgiving gifts. We know you’ve got casseroles to concoct and travel plans to arrange without worrying about creative presents too. So let us lend a drumstick and serve up affordable, thoughtful gestures to tell your work crews how grateful you are, no corny jokes or TPS reports are required. These tasty T-day thank yous will plump up any holiday and can even be expensed!

Looking for the perfect gift that says “thanks for being part of our flock”? We’ve cooked up some Thanksgiving dinner-themed ideas that will have your crew gobbling them up. From cute kitchen accessories to treats they can nibble on while recovering from their feast, our gourd-geous gift guide aims to delight.

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Thoughtful Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Employees- Showing appreciation through gifts like gift cards, water bottles, or desk organizers can boost morale. Finding creative, meaningful gestures reminds teams what they’re thankful for.

Food items- Movie Night Popcorn Set, Caramel Apple & Mud Pie

Price: $32.00

The Movie Night Popcorn Set, containing delicious popcorn flavors like Caramel Apple and Mud Pie, is the ultimate thoughtful gift for employees. After a long year of hard work, everyone will appreciate an evening of relaxation with cozy snacks. This gift enables your team to take a well-deserved break.

Caramel Popcorn in rustic bowl. Black background. Top view
Caramel Popcorn


Beverage gifts like coffee, hot chocolate, or sparkling cider allow your staff to toast their accomplishments. A warm drink is a small luxury that shows you care about their comfort and happiness. Plus, who doesn’t love a tasty perk from the boss?

Cup of hot chocolate and pieces of milk chocolate with almonds on a gray concrete background
Cup of hot chocolate and pieces of milk chocolate with almonds

Gift cards

With all the holiday bustle, gift cards give your busy team the flexibility to buy whatever they need most. Popular options like Amazon, Target, or Visa give your employees the freedom to decide their ideal gift. Gift cards say “Relax and treat yourself – you earned it!”

gift card
gift card

Charcuterie Board

Price: $159.00

Keep spirits bright by gifting a ready-to-eat Charcuterie Board filled with savory meats, cheeses, fruits and nuts. Your crew worked together seamlessly all year long, so they’ll appreciate an instant appetizer spread requiring no prep work to nibble on with loved ones.

Large Charcuterie Kit + Board image

Personal care items

Price: $50

 Show your care for their health and happiness by gifting self-care items like cozy slippers, soothing lotions, or scented candles. Your team dedicates themselves completely while at work; this gift grants them the permission to simply relax and recharge.

Curate the perfect box of handpicked gift they’ll love and send joy their way


Throw Blanket

Price: $41.63

The luxury of a warm, cozy Throw Blanket allows your hardworking staff to literally wrap themselves in comfort. This comfy gift promotes hibernation and self-care during much-needed downtime.

Throw Blanket

Chronicle Books

Keep your team entertained during the long holiday break by gifting books full of puzzles, games, trivia and activities. These mind-bending books from Chronicle Books spark fun competition and quality time with loved ones.

Gift and books
Gift and books

Tech items

Price: $124.20

Surprise your tech-savvy crew with useful gadgets like wireless phone chargers, electric hand warmers, or streaming devices. Upgrade their electronic experience while making their days more convenient.


Gift baskets

Treat your team to a deluxe Gift Basket stuffed with a little bit of everything: sweet and savory treats, useful tools and luxurious self care items. These overflowing bundles let them sample a variety of delights.

gift basket
Gift basket

Dish Towel and Napkin

Treat your team to a deluxe Gift Basket stuffed with a little bit of everything: sweet and savory treats, useful tools, and luxurious self-care items. These overflowing bundles let them sample a variety of delights.Happy Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Clients- Giving small gifts like wine, baked goods, or handwritten cards nurtures client relationships. Simple gestures during the holidays strengthen bonds for the upcoming year.

Gourmet Food Basket a Thank You Gift

A Gourmet Food Basket filled with fall flavors makes an excellent Thanksgiving gift for clients. Attach a card with trivia questions about popular Thanksgiving foods for a fun, interactive touch. As they nibble on goodies, this game sparks conversation about holiday traditions.

Christmas gift basket
Christmas gift basket

Personalized Thank You Note

A heartfelt, Personalized Thank You Note reminds clients their business matters to you, not just during the holidays but all year long. Include a photo of your team or company logo to add a personal touch. Handwritten notes stand out in today’s digital age!

Thank You Notes
Thank You Notes

Desk Accessories

Price: $28.75

Keep their workspace organized with Desk Accessories like stylish pen holders, sleek charging stations, or rustic calendar frames. Useful and visually appealing, these gifts upgrade their office while reminding them of your partnership.


Thanksgiving Wine Gift Set

Wine makes any holiday meal merrier! Our Thanksgiving Wine Gift Set, especially paired with Thanksgiving flavors, impresses your sophisticated clients. Include tasting notes and pairing ideas for an elegant touch.

Home Decor

Price: $39.95

Warm up their home with cozy Accent Pillows, soft Throws, or scented Candles in rich fall colors. Home Decor gifts help clients relax and celebrate the spirit of the season surrounded by loved ones.

Home decor
Home decor

Cake Stand

A classic hammered metal Cake Stand elevates any dessert presentation while serving as home decor. Your clients will admire its handcrafted style and usefulness for years to come.

Cheese Board Platter

Price: $129.00

Keep their holiday grazing boards full with a reusable wooden Cheese Board Platter. When paired with wine this serves as an impressive, long-lasting gift.

Ciccetti All Cheese Board image

Thanksgiving Trivia Game

While gathered around the table, engage guests in our Thanksgiving Trivia Game. It sparks fun conversation as they relive memories of holidays past. Laughter and smiles are the best gifts!

one Thanksgiving gift idea is food

Best Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Teachers– Teachers shape lives every day and deserve thanks. Gifts personalized with students’ names or heartfelt handwritten letters express gratitude.

Cutting Board

Price: $38.64

A customizable Cutting Board makes an excellent gift to thank teachers for all they slice, dice, and chop for our kids all year long. Laser engrave their name for a personal touch they’ll be thankful for in the kitchen.

Maple Cutting Board

Fruit Gift Box Best Thanksgiving Gift Idea

Price: $73

Gift them a Fruit Gift Box so teachers can nibble on something sweet and healthy during their short breaks. Packed with fresh apples, pears, citrus, and more, this thoughtful gesture reminds overworked teachers to practice snacking self-care.

Seasonal Citrus Sampler - 6 lbs. image

Peanut Thanksgiving Cookies

Price: $50

Homemade goodies like our Peanut Thanksgiving Cookies let teachers take a bite out of long days spent grading papers and planning lessons. Bag up these tasty pumpkin-shaped cookies for the perfect homemade “thanks” from your family.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (5) image


Surprise deserving teachers with beautiful, high-quality Cookware Sets. Upgrade tools for their own kitchen while showing thanks for all the “recipes” for knowledge and life skills they cook up. After long, tiring days, they’ll appreciate whipping up an easy meal at home. 

Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas for Family and Friends- Always appreciated, hostess gifts like flowers, candles, or bottles of wine say “thanks for having me!” Standard gifts or homemade treats show loved ones you care.

Acacia wood

An acacia wood Cheese Board and Knife Set upgrade any holiday grazing table, impressing guests while thanking hosts for inviting you over. This classic gift serves cheese and charcuterie in style for years to come.

Pumpkin Spice

Treat your gracious host to a festive scented candle in Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon Apple, or Maple Bourbon scents. She’ll be thankful for the warm holiday ambiance and sweet aromas filling her home as the family gathers together.

Bottle of Wine Thanksgiving Hostess Gift

Greet your host with a nicely wrapped Bottle of Wine in hand to toast the hardworking hosts. Include varietals that pair well with traditional Thanksgiving flavors like Chardonnay, Beaujolais, Pinot Noir, or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Set of Turkey

Add merriment to the kids’ table with our hand-painted ceramic Set of Turkey Place Card Holders. Not only super cute but useful too, these favors double as table decor to delight hosts and their mini guests. Gobble gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving Dish

Price: $282

A Happy Thanksgiving Dish makes for the best gift idea to thank the host for your Thanksgiving meal. The festive turkey-etched dish captures the holiday spirit and may earn you extra helpings of stuffing or pie! This unique and memorable token of appreciation is sure to be displayed proudly on the Thanksgiving table year after year. Going beyond typical host gifts shows how grateful you are to be invited to the delicious holiday feast.

Steak Sampler image

Delight Clients & Employees with SwagMagic’s Thanksgiving Perfect Gift Swag

This Thanksgiving, give the gift of thanks with SwagMagic’s custom swag. Our Thanksgiving Dinner Swag Set includes the perfect branded items for delighting any Thanksgiving host or guest at the Thanksgiving table. With cozy slippers, plush blankets, decorative candles, and more festive touches, our sets earn rave reviews every Thanksgiving Day.

Getting started is easy – simply book a call with our Swag Experts to explore your great Thanksgiving gift ideas. We’ll handle everything from design to global fulfillment, ensuring your swag impresses clients and motivates employees wherever they are. Give memorable branded gifts this season with SwagMagic’s stress-free solutions.

Make an impression and show gratitude to valuable stakeholders this Thanksgiving. With globally sourced items, easy digital storefronts, and dedicated support, SwagMagic and SnackMagic take the hassle out of swag. Consult us today to craft custom-branded gifts built just for them. Our hassle-free gifting makes it simple to deliver perfectly timed gifts across regions.

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