SwagMagic swag kits can make perfect work perks.

Everything you Need to Know about Perks at Work

Workplaces are no longer synonyms to stress and obligations. In fact, modern-day employers are trying their best to make workplaces a fun, healthy, and wholesome place...
SwagMagic swag kits can make perfect work perks.

10 Unique Gifting Ideas for Your Team at Work

Regardless of occasion, we’ve all struggled at some point to find unique gift ideas for our team members at work.  After all, there are only so...
SwagMagic assortment of mugs, headphones, and branded travel tumblers.

16 Affordable and Easy Employee Appreciation Ideas 

Do you appreciate your employees? Do you appreciate them enough? How do you do it? It’s a well-known belief of organizational behavior that appreciation is a...
A collage of SwagMagic finds, from cozy custom socks to branded hoodies.

Top 10 Thoughtful Retirement Gifts for Men

Retirement, one of the many important thresholds we all cross in our lives. It’s the sweet reward for the glorious days of long-term professional commitment. Want...

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