Your full stack swag solution

SwagMagic is the easiest way to send swag globally, whether you're sending to 1 or 1,000+.

Change the way you send swag


Swag Store

Create an online store without having to pre-purchase swag.

Swag Kits

Send a curated box of branded swag.

Bulk Shipment

Order in bulk and ship to one location.

Swag Storage

Store swag with us to use in kits, your swag store, or to distribute to recipients.

Print On-Demand

You order, we print. On-demand swag is produced once redeemed, eliminating waste.

Swag Catalog

Choose from hundreds of products, from apparel to tech accessories.

Swag from start to finish

No Minimum Quantities

Branded Products

Global Fulfillment

Easy Oversight

Inventory Management

Quick & Easy Setup

Gift 1 or 1,000+

Delight Your Recipients

No Minimum Quantities

Corporate gifting just got easier with on-demand swag.

Send swag to 170+ countries

Send swag that's out of this world all around the world. We work with local partners to minimize shipping time and hefty fees.

We’ve earned our swag mastery

Let's bring your swag to life!

Let's bring your swag to life!

For every swag need

From treating employees to a swag kit to creating a swag store for fundraising, our swag is as versatile as it is bragworthy.

Employee Recognition

Show your appreciation for employees

with elevated swag.

Client Gifting

Send clients swag for their most memorable corporate gift yet.


Swag for a cause. Create a swag store with custom pricing to raise funds.

Swag Made Easy

Choosing swag is the hard part with over high-quality catalog. See how it works.

Don't let swag processes weigh you down

We’ll collect recipient emails and addresses—one less thing to cross off your ‘To-Do’ list.

Become the art director of your store

We'll perfect your swag based on your design feedback.

See who has redeemed and who hasn’t

Stay in the know by using the Swag Dashboard to track recipient redemption.

Delight recipients with unique swag

They'll be proud to rep your brand.

See how we’ve worked our magic

SwagMagic Backpack
SwagMagic Stainless Steel Bottle
SwagMagic Dad Cap
SwagMagic T-Shirt
SwagMagic Swag
SwagMagic Bag

We're here to make swag simple


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