Create swag as magical as your brand!

Gifting and receiving swag, tailored to your business needs

Swag Stores

Recipient's Choice: Give recipients a stipend to buy their swag from your branded company swag store

No minimum orders

No pre-purchased inventory

Takes only a few minutes to setup

Global Fulfillment

Swag Kits

Sender's Choice: You pre-select the items for recipients

2,000+ premium swag items to choose from

Volume discounts

Personalization features: Branded Box, Branded Digital Experience, Notecard

Global Fulfillment

Swagzam! Merch headaches: Gone.

Recipients select swag sizes

Recipients enter their own shipping addresses

High quality swag

Volume discounts

Global redemptions

$25 flat fee per recipient, domestic and global


Become a sorcerer of swag

We'll help you conjure branded swag in no time

Worldwide shipping isn't an illusion

Pick a location, any location—we’ll deliver your swag anywhere!

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